Thank God for Charles Spurgeon!

I'm so grateful for the ministry of Charles Spurgeon for numerous reasons. He had amazingly sound theology, supernatural boldness and quotable statements of wisdom that seem to have no end in his writings. Recently I discovered that unlike so many…

What exactly is a Martyr? And Why do I go by Justin Martyr?

Written and Published by: Justin Martyr on 2/2/19

My real name is Justin Francis and I used to go by the stage name “Justin-Credible.” The first 4 albums & musical projects I participated in were all under this name. However…

Are All Sins the Same?

​​Are All Sins the Same? 

Written by: Justin Martyr 

Published on 1/12/19 

It's very popular for Christians to say "All Sin's are the same." Maybe you've heard your Pastor say that, or read it in an article…