Lyrical Theologians Featuring Regenerit

Justin Martyr and Regenerit have released the New Single "Lyrical Theologians." Lyrical Theologians is a song of dedication to all the Lyrical Theologians that have influenced Regenerit and Justin in Music and Theology such as Shai Linne, The Ambassador, The…

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Justin Martyr on Karl and Crew on Moody Radio!

Check out this link from my interview that took place on Karl and Crew on Moody Radio where I explain the ministry I do in #Englewood on the South Side of Chicago with Englewood Family Outreach; the interview begins at…

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New Single NNSM!

Justin Martyr aka Justin-Credible has released the New Single "NNSM" which stands for “New Name Same Mission.” This song is the title track for his Album NNSM that will release on August 7, 2020. This track explores a portion of…

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Justice for George Floyd and Philando Castile

Amongst many others #PhilandoCastiles Unjust Murder by cops was probably the most disturbing that I've seen up until this point then I saw the #GeorgeFloyd video. The man is telling you "I can't breathe" for 10 minutes while you have…

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New Album WYWS by my Wife Aasha Marie!

I'm proud and pleased to announce that my amazing wife Aasha Marie @aasha_marie has released her debut full length album WYWS [While You Were Sleeping] on 3.27.20 on all outlets! This album is a diverse array of genres, lyrical and…

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New Music Video Be Optimistic!  

Check out the New Music Video for Justin Martyr’s Single "Be Optimistic!"


Watch the Video Here:


Download the Song for Free Here:​ 


With this song, the goal is to encourage everyone to trust the Lord in all things…

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Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis React to "Be Optimistic"

I owe a Big shout out to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis @flytetymejam because they reacted and showed love to my preview video for "Be Optimistic" on multiple social media platforms. 
I appreciate them taking the time to like, show…

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