Here is my New Single "Be Optimistic." This song is a remix of one of my favorite songs from my childhood "Optimistic" by the Legendary Group Sounds of Blackness; Produced by Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Gary Hines.

I had to flip it and give it my own spin! These guys are true musical inspirations! 

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I designed this Song to encourage people to trust the Lord in all things; reminding us that he is still on the throne and no matter what we go through as believers we can remain Optimistic because we don't just live for this life; we also live for the life that's to come!

We also know that Our God is in control of all things and Sovereign over this world!

If you don't know the Lord today, I encourage you to repent, surrender your life to Jesus and lay up for yourself treasures in heaven which no one can steal or take away! (Matt. 6:19-20). 

"Be Optimistic" is the fourth single from my upcoming Album N.N.S.M. (New Name Same Mission). 

The artwork was designed by Levante Ellis @yunenxgraphics Photo by Emanuel Williams @kingzson  

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“Be Optimistic” (Optimistic Remix)
Produced by: Gary Hines, James Harris III, Terry Lewis and Justin Marytr

Verse 1: Pac said “Keep Your Head Up”/ gotta be optimistic/
hard times will get you fed up/
there’s a lesson in the pain don’t miss it/
Can’t see a way out/ paralyzed and you can’t move/ time to look up to God above/
he can help with decisions when we can’t choose/ can’t snooze-
You gotta get up and get it/ you focusing on the past I guarantee that you’ll regret it/
you focus on what you lack unhappiness is where you’re headed/ by the time you look around your life is looking so pathetic/
Anger, depression and discontentment /can overcome if you let it/
so let all that heavyweight go/ before you have to call a paramedic/
God is always worthy of the praise, whether in good health or sickness/
no he’ll never change so remain optimistic/

Hook: (Sounds of Blackness): As long as you keep, your head to the sky-(Be Optimistic)
You can Win/ Be Optimistic

Verse 2: We done all lost loved ones/diseases, cancer, miscarriages/
infertility and racism/mass shootings, bad marriages/

abortions and distortions/ of all kinds in the media/
propaganda and brain washing, you really gotta watch what they’re feeding ya/
So many critics, not many presenting a solution/
too many lying ain’t watching to see what they’re producing/
I know you’re tossing and turning through life’s ups and downs/
you’re barely above the water feeling you’re goanna drown/

But You can look to the hills, don’t pop pills/ take a second to ponder God’s will/
You ain’t gotta struggle on your own, he’ll never leave or forsake either/

when negativity tries to “Take Over,” he’s goanna show up with the “Ether”/
No suicide, he can fix it/ so remain Optimistic

Hook: (Sounds of Blackness): As long as you keep, your head to the sky-(Be Optimistic)
You can Win/ Be Optimistic