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Justin Martyr and Regenerit have released the New Single "Lyrical Theologians." Lyrical Theologians is a song of dedication to all the Lyrical Theologians that have influenced Regenerit and Justin in Music and Theology such as Shai Linne, The Ambassador, The Cross Movement, FLAME, Lecrae, Steven The Levite, Timothy Brindle and many others.
The Track was Produced by Justin Martyr and Released courtesy of Verbal Renaissance Recordings. RJ Rosasco @rjross2013 Mixed and Mastered the Record and added additional production. The Artwork was designed by Dr. James Francis @drjamesjjfrancis

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Lyrical Theologians Lyrics by Justin Martyr and Regenerit
Produced by Justin Martyr

Hook: (Justin Martyr) Justin Martyr and Regenerit we be Lyrical Theologians
66 books all deep all potent the absolute truth of God's Word we quoting
The culture keeps shifting by his Spirit stay focused

(Justin Martyr) This is Lyrical Theology big shout out to Shai Linne
Ambassador and the Cross Movement, now it's my turn to chime in
Big shout out to FLAME too cause no matter what mood I'm in
these are just some of the men who God used to promote the Risen Lamb who died for my sins
Yeshua ha moshiach, your best move is to see that he'll bless you where you be at
when they test you, how you re-act (how u react huh?)
Shout out to Steven the Levite and shout out to Tim Brindle
Men who God used in my life to grow me in faith; now my sins dwindled
θε/όπ/νευστος- that means the scriptures are God breathed
The study of God is theology, he's 3 in 1 that's an odd team
This a trap beat; so u ain't expect this type of content
Cause most trap records lyrically are non-sense
We are not con/tent with the con-tent we aim to preach Christ on all 7 continents
as monuments of faith, we know logic and common sense are great
but they can't determine your eternal state

Hook: (Regenerit) Regenerit and Justin Martyr we be lyrical theologians
66 books all deep all potent the absolute truth of God's Word we quoting
The culture keeps shifting by his Spirit stay focused

(Regenerit) Shout out to Lamp mode, reason why I spit these raps so
Hard to honor God who changed my hardened heart got me out here preaching gospel
Christ in all the bars each and every song giving them the God they don’t even want
Pray one day they walk with him in his arm sinless in the Son Christ up
Started with Lecrae way Back in the day then I found Shai on his MySpace
My whole life changed I was not same doctrine got played for me all day
Stephen the Levite To Die is Gain, Solus Christus Shai Linne wasn’t playing
Timothy Brindle with Killing Sin the Restoration and The Great Awakening
Mind was awakened to doctrines of Grace learned Calvinism an elected saint,
Shout out to Hazakim Theophanies showing Christ in the OT on every page
It was then that I knew I had to rap that raw, put the Savior up in every song
Give that proclamation that can save the lost, see them grow in grace and their love for God
Blessed to represent his name, not to do it for the Christ would be lame
Hiding Jesus but still claim unashamed, Lyrical Theology is the way
Why would I not give the Savior explicit when death in my city got crazy high digits
If I’m not giving the Christ with lyrics I should just retire and not even spit it

Interlude (Justin Martyr speaks)

(Regenerit 2nd verse) If I didn’t give em Christ I’d be doing a disservice
Restrict worship to church services yo that’s worthless
I’d rather see the word spit not just in a sermon
But serving suffering servant to those that’s broken and hurtin
We bogus to know this truth and to hold it back
While the world pollutes em with trash you give positivity raps?
Never that, they got Common and Talib Kweli for that
The Gospels the only hope that can stop em from being chaff
Resurrecting dead bones and giving Christ to the soul
We give em life to behold not money and slangin dope
It’s vital that it goes viral Messiah died and he rose
But you going for broke with dough so ain’t no Jehovah in flows
The focus to make him known who was hit like pins when you bowl
The worst of blows from the Romans for homeless and hopeless souls
He resurrected from death so the restless can get their rest
Repent and believe the gospel the only way to be blessed

(Justin Martyr 2nd Verse) You think your gang is huge, naw trust me God is bigger
You need spiritual food, homie I ain't starving with ya
His word's already proven true fam it's odd to differ
With the one who Created you, the God of Scripture
In the streets they teach you how to catch a body quicker
Indulging in sex, murder, and them naughty pictures
Without the Holy Spirit, these lines will be going over your head; Kinda like a barber's clippers
The fact is (factor's) we have no fear Joe Rogan
While Hollywood sets the New World Order up Hulk Hogan
Don't be distracted by talks of the illuminati
Cause sin & death still reign inside our human bodies/
Who can expiate our Sin? only God can that's why Yeshua came to earth as the God man
Come be adopted in the family, God's fam and no, you can't look to Drake to find God's plan