From the recording Timeline [Album] (2/2021)

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White Man’s Religion? (A Conversation) is a continuation of the discussion that began on the song “White Man’s Religion?” Justin and “D” another individual cover topics such as Racism in the U.S. and in Christianity, Slavery and more.


White Man’s Religion? (A Conversation)

D: Aight I can’t even lie you made some good points in that song, I mean I never knew most of those facts. But Christianity came to Black people through white people forcing it on us during slavery, right?

Justin: Naw bro, Most people who say that ain't never even been outside the United States - you got one limited perspective so please travel - take a break from buying Jordan's, rims on your car and flat screen T.V’s so you can afford a plane ticket out of thе country. It’s true that in America and other countriеs that were colonized many Black people were introduced to Christianity through slavery, but that was not how Christianity originally came to Black people and Africans

Did you know that many of the early church fathers who were disciples of the original 12 Apostles were African?

D: Really?

Yes, Church Father’s such as Athanasius, Augustine, Cyril and many others were African men. African Christians existed for over 1500 years before the trans-Atlantic slave trade even happened-slave masters fed slaves a perverted form of the Christian faith- kept the slaves from reading for themselves cause the slave owners knew that if the slaves read the bible freely and in it’s entirety the slaves would see that their slavery was wrong

Exodus 21:16 says anyone who steals a man & sells him should be put to death. That's exactly what happened in the tran atl slave trade. Slavery in the bible was not the same. People would sell themselves into slavery to pay off debts and they'd be released after 7 years

The Bible chronicles slavery as God gave laws concerning it but man created slavery not God. And some of the most courageous black men and women who fought slavery were Christians such as Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass

D: Man this is crazy!

Sadly, White Christians owned slaves and started the KKK but white Christians also led the abolitionist movement, marched in the civil rights movement and fought to disband white supremacist groups walking arm in arm with Dr. King and other great leaders. Some white Christians were even killed because they stood up for black people

God ended the Trans-Atlantic slave trade through his Church. People often forget that from the beginning of the Slave Trade there were always abolitionists. There was never a time when everyone in the World felt that slavery was OK. Most abolitionists were Christians. It was the Christian Church that led the civil rights movement. Many white people have and still are committing horrible atrocities against black people it hasn't stopped yet but at the same time many have helped to end atrocities too

Did you know before that song that Jesus actually lived in Africa?

D: Naw honestly, I didn’t

Yes; Yeshua resided in Egypt
Many ignore the pain of racism today and act like it isn't a problem anymore. If you believe that you need to turn away from that mind set and spend more time with people who don't look like you nor think like you. Most people who say racism doesn’t exist haven’t actually experienced racism

Yes, there is only one race; the human race and in a perfect world we would live that truth out. However, the social construct of race is something that we have to deal with in our broken country and world and we obviously do not live in a perfect world. If you want to side step the issue of race because you think there is no such thing as race then, I’ll use the term ethnic discrimination and we’ll end up in the same place

As black people we need to avoid putting all white people in a box. They're not all racist and many white people are putting down more good work in minority communities and in the hood than most black people are

Many of us just complain but don't do anything about the problems we see. Let's have honest dialogue among each other while also remaining led by God's Word and His Spirit through his Son The Lord Jesus; Yeshua the Christ!