From the recording Timeline [Album] (2/2021)

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Theology 101 (A.D. 2020)
Written and Produced by Justin Martyr for Justin-Credible Productions. Many Christians attempt to downplay the importance of Theology; Theology 101 seeks to correct that.


D: Aight Man You’ve been breaking down some deep stuff to me but to be honest I’m not a Theologian. I ain’t gotta know all that

J: Well; actually, we are all Theologians. Everyone is

D: What? How?

J: The English word Theology comes from a combination of two Koine Greek words θεός [Theos] and Λόγος [Logos]. Theos means God and Logos means Word; therefore, Theology is words about God, thoughts about God or the study of God. So, do you have any thoughts about God?

D: Of course

J: Well then, you are a theologian my friend

D: Wow

J: So, this is the question that matters; are you a good theologian or a bad theologian since we all are already theologians? Sure, we are not all academic or professional theologians but we all have thoughts or opinions about God. Many people just say they’re not theologians to use that as an excuse to remain spiritually lazy and not grow in the Scriptures. Even Atheists and agnostics are theologians; they all have thoughts about God. Even if you don’t believe in God that is still a thought about him. So, no matter what your religion or worldview or where you’re from; where you live or where you work; we are all Theologians. However, The Scriptures will inform us on whether we’re good or bad at Theology.