From the recording Welcome To The VR (Single)

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The New Single "Welcome To The VR" from Verbal Renaissance The Label and Collective I founded is out Now! Thanks to everyone who's already purchased the single and shown us love!

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Welcome to the VR Lyrics feat. Justin Martyr, Aasha Marie, Regenerit and Rashawna

Justin Martyr and Aasha Marie:

Welcome to the VR, [whether or not you know who we are]/ we stand firm on the truth [heavier than 33 Cars]/ breathing life in the dead [without C-P-R]/ ur raps outdated, obsolete [like V-C-R's/] Got handles on the pot I’m chef curry/ [she’s married to a Jamaican spouse like Steph hurry] eat rice and peas feed these lil yardie’s (yachty) with holy steez [my soul will leave a trail behind like locomotive steam]

Justin Martyr:

All you lames are in trouble, going hard in the paint, LeBron James in the bubble/ explicit when it comes to what I believe so no, my aim is not subtle/ work smarter not harder, use your brain when you hustle/ blaspheming my God guarantee that your name will be stubble/
Guarantee that your fame it will crumble, these rappers be lame & they mumble/ sinful nature of man, cannot be tamed or be muzzled / God can take your prideful heart and then he can change it to humble/ won't reach perfection until we see heaven so now we remain in the struggle/ You show up dirty the Lord'll make you quite clean/ clear your vision up my team's a combo of Vi-sine and high beams/ I murdered the beat and my rhyme schemes/ so deadly every time I exit the booth I leave a crime scene/

Aasha Marie:

I have no need for nurses/ I have the great physician took the hits like versus/ worship ever on my lips like cursive/i’m signed, sealed delivered i’ll live on hearses / my purpose, warning sinners that you’ll be flambe/ so make sure you choose a side please make Christ your entree/ true sorrow over sin will make ya blue like yonce/get in formation before you dye at the end ombre/ this ain’t no fairytale and i don’t care what winnie pooh pulls/ the bible a best sell my lord won’t fail at winning pupils/ my iris don’t look to kamala in a crisis/ abiding and i no longer need my vices/


Ayo they Runnin’ round, givin y’all the run around
Like God ain’t say to Run around and tell ‘em all he run it now
Lightin up the city, I ain’t talking bout a hunnit rounds
He makes the earth do laps around the sun, that’s a hunnit rounds
God is gonna hunt em down, Tiger Kings with colored crowns
They’ll be dragged and Flamin’ ain’t a pride parade they going down
Y’all doing what y’all say in rap like Thomas did I really doubt
This world is just a bunch of John Wayne Gasey’s murderers and clowns
But verbal renaissance be the off switch bunch of migos in the culture to offset
All the evil of the cults in the darkness like gringos washed white like the sculptures
Europeans carved of the Christ that were nonsense cause the King who rose had flesh probably darkened
But they switched up like a like a room with a light lit to manipulate and pull strings like a harpist
Labor in the field with the harvest and belabor you to kneel to the sovereign
Like a lame man can’t feel what I’m walkin’ just lay in graves like zombies and corpses
Give you this word hope you peepin the corpus get between the verses like songs with a chorus
We gon carry on bout this God who is gorgeous Christ carried all (carried doll) like a little girls toy chest

Every likkle bitty part of me yea he knows it/ he told me he's gon grow this/ sold my sold for the lowest/ he brought it back said to roll with/
Now I'm rolling up the road with straddles of the fallen surrounding me/ The Lord is my Shepherd and all I need/ Call every mountain a mustard seed/
The Biggest G gave me the keys/ but I'm armed with pen I got the wordplay with the seeds/
VR got the syrup and our lyrics remedy/ vow to tell the truth in every booth we're blessed to be/
I think you should've seen, I had a rough week/ a rough start, scars on my dark heart/
Life was amazing the days I was once lost/rays of his ways came to save now I'm on par/
Back in line with the 99 fresh start/
Every likkle bitty part of me yea he knows it (he know it)