Next Week The VR [My Labels] Compilation Album is out!

Next Friday; in just a week on 6/23/23 The Record Label I founded Verbal Renaissance drops our Label Compilation Album "Welcome To The VR: Volume 1"!!  @JustinMartyr305   @regenerit6765   @AashaMarieArtist  

I produced it entirely! Thanks to everyone who's already pre-ordered or pre-saved The Album! We appreciate your Support!

Thanks to all artists who contributed Aasha Marie, Regenerit, Rashawna, Zae Da Blacksmith, B. Angelique and Chrys Jones! Thanks to David Del Valle for amazing artwork! 

Thanks to Chazn Bradford for playing bass and thanks to RJ Rosasco who Mixed and Mastered the majority of the Album and lent vocals along with Chrys Jones who Mixed and Mastered two songs on the Album. 

Pre-order/Pre-save The Album Here:

Official Tracklist

Verbal Renaissance 

Welcome to the VR Vol. 1

1. Intro 

2. Welcome to the VR feat. Justin Martyr, Aasha Marie, Regenerit and Rashawna 

3. Hands In The Air feat. Rashawna, Aasha Marie, Justin Martyr and Regenerit 

4. Come Back [Deconstruction] feat. Justin Martyr and Regenerit 

5. The Word of God feat. Regenerit, Aasha Marie, Rashawna and Justin Martyr 

6. 1 Life 2 Live feat. Justin Martyr 

7. Forward feat. Rashawna and Justin Martyr 

8. Switch Sides feat. Aasha Marie 

9. Wu-Tang Acapella Freestyle feat. Justin Martyr 

10. Nah Fumble Feat. Rashawna 

11. Elevate feat. Regenerit, Justin Martyr and Rashawna 

12. Struggle Til I Die feat. Regenerit 

13. In The Booth (A Spoken Word) feat. Aasha Marie 

14. L.I.M.D. feat. Rashawna 

15. Bruised Heel feat. Regenerit 

16. Running Hard Remix feat. Regenerit, Justin Martyr and Rashawna 

17. Jabari Hears The Gospel 

18. VR Cypha feat. Zae Da Blacksmith, B. Angelique, Chrys Jones, Rashawna, Regenerit, Aasha Marie and Justin Martyr  

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