Are All Sins the Same?

​​Are All Sins the Same? 

Written by: Justin Martyr 

Published on 1/12/19 

It's very popular for Christians to say "All Sin's are the same." Maybe you've heard your Pastor say that, or read it in an article somewhere. Maybe you heard someone on TV say it. This sentiment and opinion is pretty mainstream in many places both among Christians and non believers alike but is it biblical?  

The Need to See Both The Humanity and the Sin.  

Often people struggle with sins that are more visible than others. It's easy to look down on people who struggle with sins that we don't struggle with or no longer struggle with. This is an ungodly attitude to have that pushes many away from the faith. We often desire to see the humanity of the person without looking at their sin. This isn't a necessarily bad idea.  

However; it's impossible to completely separate both. That person's sin currently separates them from a holy God (Is. 59:2) and without Christ that human is on their way to hell (John 3:16, 14:6, Rom. 6:23). However we still gotta love on them at the same time and not be jerks! 

What about Abominations and The Unforgivable Sin? 

Honestly though, nowhere does scripture teach that "all sin is the same." We came up with that ourselves to make unbelievers feel better. The Bible teaches the opposite. Some sins are called "abominations" (meaning very detestable sins) such as lying (Prov. 12:22) and homosexuality (Lev. 20:13) stealing and coveting etc & many other sins are never called an abomination.  

Then Jesus says there's an unforgivable sin "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit." (Matt. 12:31). That sin cannot be forgiven. Therefore, all sin can't be the same when one particular sin cannot even be forgiven! Also, once in scripture Jesus said one person's sin was greater than another's (John 19:11).  

All sin is wrong, all sin is terrible, all sin leads to death but it's not all the same. Even logically, molesting a child or murdering someone isn't the same as stealing candy from your grandma's purse right? However, all those actions are sin right? Yes it is all sin. Clearly, they are not the same and all carry different consequences. 

Let's teach those in our sphere of influence that all sin is wicked and a loving Savior died and rose again to redeem us from sin. Some sins are worse and more visible than others but the cure for all sins are the same! Let's love on people without looking down on them but still love on them with a sense of urgency because one day they will stand before God (Heb. 9:27).