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Justice for George Floyd and Philando Castile

Amongst many others #PhilandoCastiles Unjust Murder by cops was probably the most disturbing that I've seen up until this point then I saw the #GeorgeFloyd video. The man is telling you "I can't breathe" for 10 minutes while you have…

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Poor 

(Here is the Link above for the full article) 

Here's a Great thoughtful response to COVID-19 by one of my colleagues in Ministry Daniel Bair @EnglewoodFamily

If you could push a button and rid the world of the Coronavirus…

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My Thoughts on the Death of Kobe Bryant

I'm Praying for @kobebryant 's family and for the families of all the victims. Celebrity deaths cause us all for the most part to face the inevitability of our own mortality. As a basketball fan I previously stated that I…

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New Single Be Optimistic!  

Here is my New Single "Be Optimistic." This song is a remix of one of my favorite songs from my childhood "Optimistic" by the Legendary Group Sounds of Blackness; Produced by Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Gary Hines. I had…

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New Music Video Out for #WOTM

Watch the video on the Video tab on this site or at


Justin Martyr aka Justin-Credible has released the music video for his latest single "WOTM" which stands for “Way of the Master.” WOTM is the third single for…

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