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"Cold Streets" is a song that explores the reality of life in the inner city on the Southside of Chicago. In 2014 Justin began doing ministry in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago working alongside and eventually on staff with Englewood Family Outreach a Christian non-profit ministry in that neighborhood. While there Justin saw a lot of pain, death, trauma, and hopelessness as he worked with three sets of one historic Chicago gang. This Song presents three different perspectives of street life.

Justinโ€™s verse is first and comes from the perspective of someone not from the streets, raised in a two-parent home absent of poverty, who has a heart to reach men and women in the streets. The second verse features a lyrical heavyweight and brother in the faith Thre; and details his former life in a historic gang on Chicago's south side and how Jesus saved him out of that lifestyle! Finally, the last voice on the track is an interview of a young man still in a historic gang in Chicago who has been shot multiple times and yet survived! He is giving his perspective on life and what it is like to be born and raised in that situation.

Cold Streets was Produced by Justin Martyr and is available for free download on his website on and on YouTube. The Music Video was directed by Justin Martyr and Jim Yeung. Jim Yeung also filmed and edited the video under Shaded Blur Films. The cover art was designed by Andrew Williams. Justin's goal with this song is to present various perspectives of the streets in order to challenge those outside of that life to care and be willing to have compassion and do some work in their closest inner city.

Most people in gangs are born into that situation; regularly dealing with poverty, low-self-esteem, racism, sexual abuse, bad schools, robberies, early deaths and a plethora of life experiences that cause great PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) among other issues. Most churches in these areas do not preach sound doctrine, many lack access to mental health resources and a sense of hopelessness is the norm. Another goal of this song is to raise awareness of what is really going on and to let the streets know that the people of God have a heart to reach them and there is hope for a changed life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The streets need to know that they can change for the better. THRE and many others are living proof that God can save you and deliver you out of gang life and make you one of his soldiers that now can bring others to salvation! "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things have passed away; behold, all things are new" (2 Corinthians 5:17).

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