"The Streets Speak" Short Film/Interlude is out Now!!!

"The Streets Speak" is an interlude/short film that continues the message of Justin’s single “Cold Streets;” which is a song that explores the reality of life in the inner city on the Southside of Chicago. The voice you hear on the track is from an interview Justin did of a young man still currently in a historic gang in Chicago who has been shot over ten times and yet survived! He is giving his perspective on life and what it is like to be born and raised in that situation! 

The Streets Speak was Produced by Justin Martyr and is available for free download on his website on justinmartyr305.com/music and on YouTube. The Music/lyric video was directed by Justin Martyr and Jim Yeung. Jim Yeung also filmed and edited the video under Shaded Blur Films.

Download “The Streets Speak” for free on Justin’s Website



Download “Cold Streets” for free on Justin’s Website



Listen on YouTube


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