Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis React to "Be Optimistic"

I owe a Big shout out to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis @flytetymejam because they reacted and showed love to my preview video for "Be Optimistic" on multiple social media platforms. 
I appreciate them taking the time to like, show love and react to something that I did musically! The full Video drops tommorrow 3/26/2020! 

Jimmy Jam and terry Lewis are the original producers of "Optimistic" which is the song that I sampled and remixed for "Be Optimistic." These are the men who signed Sounds of Blackness and are legends for their production work in the music industry! They've won countless awards including Grammy's and they've done legendary work for Michael Jackson, Prince, Usher, Janet Jackson, Yolanda Adams and many more! 

Alot of people remix songs but it's not often that legends in the game and the people who produced what you remixed even hear what you've done or react to it! I'm truly honored! I believe there is much more to come. 

"Be Optimistic" is the fourth single for my upcoming album entitled NNSM (New Name Same Mission). 


Download "Be Optimistic" for free right here on my website at 




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  • Nashon Henri
    Nashon Henri London, UK
    Big tings a gwaan bredrin!

    Big tings a gwaan bredrin!

  • Alex Medrano
    Alex Medrano Miami, FL
    Huge Honor!

    Huge Honor!

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