Lyrical Theologians Featuring Regenerit

Justin Martyr and Regenerit have released the New Single "Lyrical Theologians." Lyrical Theologians is a song of dedication to all the Lyrical Theologians that have influenced Regenerit and Justin in Music and Theology such as Shai Linne, The Ambassador, The Cross Movement, FLAME, Lecrae, Steven The Levite, Timothy Brindle and many others. 

The Track was Produced by Justin Martyr and Released courtesy of Verbal Renaissance Recordings. RJ Rosasco @rjross2013 Mixed and Mastered the Record and added additional production. The Artwork was designed by Dr. James Francis @drjamesjjfrancis 

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  • Marquis
    Marquis New Mexico
    Whhhooaaa! Nice track fam! BARS BARS BARS

    Whhhooaaa! Nice track fam! BARS BARS BARS

  • Justin Martyr
    Justin Martyr
    Thanks alot fam!

    Thanks alot fam!

  • Ciya Williams
    Ciya Williams Freeport Bahamas
    Love this song!

    Love this song!

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