Justice for George Floyd and Philando Castile

Amongst many others #PhilandoCastiles Unjust Murder by cops was probably the most disturbing that I've seen up until this point then I saw the #GeorgeFloyd video. The man is telling you "I can't breathe" for 10 minutes while you have your knee on his neck with no compassion! I've seen White Men do mass shootings and get treated better than that by cops after they've slaughtered groups of people!

What a joke! Yes we need to focus on the Gospel and I know many cops are not corrupt like this but we also must focus on God's justice (Job 8:3, Micah 6:8) and those cops need to be charged with murder and the one who caused his death given a life sentence! If you are my brother or sister in Christ are you going to mourn with me or pray for me or will you debate me? There's a place for disagreement but not while someone is currently mourning! We can debate the facts of the case in a few weeks.