Thank God for Charles Spurgeon!

I'm so grateful for the ministry of Charles Spurgeon for numerous reasons. He had amazingly sound theology, supernatural boldness and quotable statements of wisdom that seem to have no end in his writings. Recently I discovered that unlike so many "Evangelical Heroes" he not only never owned slaves, he actually spoke out against the evil of slavery in his day! It's sad to know that because he spoke out against slavery many white Christians in the South in his time tried to stop him from preaching in the U.S., (he was from Great Britain). I'm glad to know that he didn't cower in silence or comply with "cultural norms" nor did he live out the contradiction of owning other human beings (i.e. slaves) while still preaching freedom through the Christian Gospel. Spurgeon wasn't a hypocrite in this area, he knew that the Gospel was more than just proclamation (preaching it) but also application (living out all it implies). Salute to C.H. Spurgeon! 

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